Shimokitazawa where you can feel the unique culture – Nobuyuki & Haruna

Shimokitazawa (Nobuyuki & Haruna)

The bar Mother opened in 1972 with the purpose of having friends over to enjoy good music while having a couple of drinks. The name of the bar is not only taken from one of John Lennon’s songs, but it also is a sign of respect to all the mothers in the world.

It has been 40 years since we opened the bar, and we are now one of the oldest dining bars in Shimokitazawa. We have a wide range of customers, from young teenagers to old regulars. Thanks to Lonely Planet we many visitors from overseas too.

The customers are intrigued by the unique design of our decorations which is inspired from the Jomon period using scraps such as driftwood, aluminum cans and dirt. (Jomon is the period around 4th Century BC.)

What I like about Shimokitazawa is the music, food, vintage clothing and especially the people who bring the culture to life.

The town itself is compact and convenient, with clothing stores, furniture shops, record shops and restaurants within walking distance. I have been living here for over 20 years now, so I can say with authority that this is a great place to live. You have to come and visit Shimokitazawa so you can experience this town’s unique culture any time of the day or night.