It has been 40 years since I fell in love with indigo dyeing – Ms. Matsushita

Mukogaoka-Yuen (Ms. Matsushita)

It has been 40 years since I fell in love with indigo dyeing. The more I learned about indigo dyeing, the more I discovered its depths.

I moved on to master stencil dyeing and tie-dyeing and eventually ended up setting up an atelier at my house. These days, I teach at the Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop.

Guests can experience indigo dyeing by using something as simple as a handkerchief or a shirt.

The visitors from overseas that come are from all over the world, but they all speak highly about this traditional Japanese experience. In order to create the dye, we use dried leaves from the indigo plant, melt them in water and mix in other substances for fermentation.

Guests are able to discover the many different shades of the color and the changes depending on the plant used, the weather and the humidity.

Through our Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop, I hope to continue spreading the joy of indigo dyeing.