Oyama is a mountain with history that has been popular since the Edo period – Mrs. Nishimura

OYAMA (Mrs. Nishimura)

Oyama has been prosper since the Edo period and is a mountain with history. A lot of people come for the beautiful panoramic view from the top of the mountain. Especially when the weather is clear you can see Mt. Fuji, the Sky Tree and the southern Alps.

Climbing Mt. Oyama becomes far more enjoyable once you know the history and culture behind it. Lately we have many overseas guests, primarily from Asia. Even the slope is steep, Oyama is known to be a safe mountain to climb. Before there was used to be a lot of trash caused by visitors but now they take care of the environment. I’m not so fluent in English but we offer an English menu at our shop, so please stop by and try our food. The shop is conducted by the 4th generation since the beginning of Meiji period and I’m working here for 48 years now.

Some visitors say they want to spend a whole day at Oyama for relaxing, but there since I’m here for nearly 50 years there is nothing new about this place for me. That is why it is so interesting and refreshing to hear the stories of the visitors who come here the frist time.

You will need a lot of endurance to climb to the top so if you are not so sure about your physical strength I recommend you to hike up to the view point take a break and eat delicious obento (packed lunch), and stop by at the local onsen to refresh your body. And don’t forget your hiking shoes when you come to Oyama! Please enjoy the great nature of Mt. Oyama.