Odawara is a very attractive location – Mr. Yoshimoto

ODAWARA (Mr. Yoshimoto)

Odawara is a very attractive location where you can enjoy not only mountains but also the sea, and on top of that you can feel a sense of history while visiting the castle.

I have lived in Odawara all my life. There was used to be an elementary school near by the castle and there was also a zoo. As the time went by, the streets have changed but the warmth of the people, the rich nature, and the historical feeling is the same as before. It is a beautiful place to live.

Thanks to the warm climate and the beautiful nature there is a high variety of seasonal products which makes Odawara famous as a town of a flourishing gastronomy.

We recommend to try the Odawara Bowl. A dish using at least one or more local speciality served in traditional lacquerware from Odawara.

Now I work at SAMURAI-Kan (Samurai House), and I especially enjoy if guests saying things like “I wasn’t expecting that I could wear a samurai armor in front of the Odawara Castle”, “It’s a nice experience”, they are also often surprised by the cheap rental price. I really enjoy working here and sharing these special moments with the guests.

One of the best things about wearing the armor is that you can experience a different perspective, and through this you want to know more about samurai and ninja. I made the armors by myself so I would be delighted if you try them on!