Yoyogi-Uehara is a town with shops both new and old – Mr. Sakai

Yoyogi-Uehara (Mr. Sakai)

Yoyogi-Uehara is a town with both old and new shops. Sure, the number of old shops has decreased, but there are still some long-standing shops left. Since we are so close to Shibuya and Shinjuku, this is a very convenient neighborhood yet at the same time is still peaceful.

Even if you can’t call it a downtown, we have great relationships with the shop owners nearby and I enjoy living here. During the festival of the Yoyogihachimangu shrine, the whole neighborhood is colorfully decorated and the worshipers parade carrying the mikoshi along the street create a festive feeling. There are many seasonal events worth to vist.

Visitors from overseas are often interested in our shop. They want to know what kind of shop it is, and if they like tofu then they come by to buy some. My shop was started by my grandfather – I am the third-generation owner and have been running it for 15 years. This is the 85th year that we have been in business! 

We start making our tofu at 5:30 AM so it’s ready by noon so we can sell it in the afternoon. We sometimes even go around in a car selling our tofu. I recommend frying our tofu and then adding a few drops of soy sauce, grated ginger and some red pepper mixed with other spice. It goes great with beer!
You can get quite full when you eat a whole pack. If you want to enjoy a healthy meal there is also a bean curd refuse called Unohana.