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Odawara is known for its scenic beauty embracing both mountains and the sea, and is also the entrance into Hakone. It is accessible by regular train from Tokyo, Shinjuku, and Shibuya without transit, as well by the Shinkansen or the Bullet Train. The highlight of Odawara is Odawara Castle, one of the largest castles from the Sengoku Period. It was said to be invincible, withstanding invasions, thwarted the efforts to unify Japan. At Odawara Castle you can dress as a Samurai and take photos with the castle in the background, while feeling a sense of Bushido, the Samurai chivalry.The panorama from the castle tower is something impossible to see in Tokyo. Odawara is full of unique contents that central Tokyo does not offer, such as its rich nature and lingering sense of once-prosperous castle town.If you are headed to Hakone, you will not want to miss stopping at Odawara.

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"The warmth of the people,the rich nature and the historical feeling of the town is the same as brfore"

Mr. Yoshimoto

Odawara is a very attractive location where you can enjoy not only the mountains but also the sea, and on top of that you can feel a sense of history while visiting the castle. I have lived in Odawara all my life. There used to be an elementary school near by the castle and there was also a zoo. As the time went by, the streets have changed but the warmth of the people, the rich nature, and the historical feeling is the same as before. It is a beautiful place to live. Thanks to the warm climate and the beautiful nature, there is a high variety of seasonal products which makes Odawara famous as a town of flourishing gastronomy. We recommend you to try the Odawara Bowl. A dish using at least one or more local speciality served in traditional lacquerware from Odawara. Now I work at SAMURAI-Kan (Samurai House), and I especially enjoy hearing guests say things like “I didn’t expect to be able to wear a samurai armor in front of Odawara Castle”, they are also often surprised by the cheap rental price. I really enjoy working here and sharing these special moments with the guests. One of the best things about wearing the armor is that you can experience a different perspective, and through this experience perhaps you would want to learn more about samurai and ninja. I made the armors by myself so I would be delighted if you try them on! "


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