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Mukogaoka-Yuen is located 20 minutes from Shinjuku on the Odakyu Line. Next to it is the Tama River, and while there is plenty of nature, it used to be home to an amusement park that opened in 1927 and operated for 75 years. There are lots of shopping and commercial facilities that make this a popular neighborhood. The largest park in Tokyo, the Ikuta Ryokuchi Park, is located in this area. Visitors can enjoy the abundant nature and at the same time learn about Japanese history and culture at locations such as the Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop and the Open-Air Folk House Museum. The natural beauty change with the seasons, so anytime is the perfect time to come and learn more about Japanese folk culture.

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"It has been 40 years since I fell in love with indigo dyeing."

Ms. Matsushita

It has been 40 years since I fell in love with indigo dyeing. I started taking indigo dyeing lessons after learning about Mr. Motohiko Katano's works and become fascinated with what could be made with it. The more I learnt about indigo dyeing, I discovered more depths, and I moved on to master stencil dyeing and tie dyeing and eventually I made an atelier at home. Today I demonstrate and teach at the Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop. Guests vary from Japanese people, Overseas guests, and students from International Schools. Guests can experience indigo dyeing by using something as simple as a handkerchief or a shirt. The overseas guests are from various parts of the world, and they speak highly of how much they enjoy this traditional Japanese experience. In order to create the dye, we use dried leaves from the indigo plant, melt them in water and mix in other substances for fermentation. You will be able to discover the many shades of color, which changes depending on the plant, the weather, and humidity. Tokushima prefecture has been historically famous for producing indigo plants, but now there are only 5 places that produce them. I hope to continue to spread the greatness of indigo dyeing through our Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop.


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