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Enoshima and Kamakura Local Tour 13,000JPY

Confirmed as a venue for sailing events during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the up-and-coming town of Enoshima and the city of Fujisawa are must-see destinations. The area is about one-hour train ride from Shinjuku, which makes it an easy day trip. Fujisawa not only has many locally owned shops, but also the popular Enoden train line that takes visitors from Fujisawa to Enoshima and the neighboring Kamakura. Fujisawa area attracts many repeat visitors, There are a lot of things to see and do in this area, so there are many repeat visitors. You’re sure to make great memories in Fujisawa, a place rich with history, nature and food.

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“ Please come to FUJISAWA 

ー there is something for everyone here. ”

Mr. Izuuchi

I work for the Finance Department of Fujisawa City Hall, and now part of my duties is to set up Wi-Fi and signs for our overseas guests so that everyone can fully enjoy the history and gourmet of Fujisawa. By showing the attractions of Fujisawa and encouraging more people to visit I hope to revitalize the local economy and the city itself. I believe consistent efforts to achieve this goal are important in creating a welcoming environment. Please come to Fujisawa, there is something here for everybody, such as taking in the views of the beautiful Mt. Fuji, relaxing at the beach, walking the dog, or playing at the park. There are many privately owned shops each with their own unique charm. With Kamakura located close by, it is easy to spend a whole day in this area. At Enoshima, there are events throughout the year, including the lanterns in Summer, candles in Autumn, and illuminations in Winter, which attract many visitors. Town planning and community developments are not something the City Office can handle on their own, and they require the cooperation of the whole community. I hope to make this town a place where both residents and visitors can appreciate and enjoy. The charm of Fujisawa is in its coziness and its local town atmosphere, and I hope more people will come and enjoy this beautiful town.


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