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"Though it is only 40 minutes from Shinjuku via the Odakyu Limited Express Romancecar, Ebina has plenty of nature and history, including a shrine that was established 1,300 years ago. While central Ebina is becoming more developed, the historical landscape is still well-preserved. Ebina has been prosperous in agriculture for over 2,000 years thanks to the mineral-rich spring water flowing in the area. Rice is essential to sake – it is often said that “sake brewing starts with rice growing”. Both high-quality rice and water are available in Ebina, so this is an excellent place to try authentic Japanese sake. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a break with a glass of delicious sake while surrounded by Ebina’s beautiful nature."

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"People move to Ebina becouse of its natural beauty."

Ms. Hashiba

Izumibashi Brewery is a company rich in history that has been passed down the generations in our family for 160 years, and we are the 6th generation. All of the ingredients are locally sourced. With western wine, almost all of the well-known wineries in Europe own their own vineyards and grow their own grapes but in Japan today, the farmers and brewers are often separated. However, here at Izumibashi Brewery we are able to make the sake from start to finish, from growing the rice to the actual brewing. We also endeavor to make high-quality sake by using spring water, which is rich in minerals. We use the minimum amount of pesticides in our fields, which means that you can often see ducks and herons in the fields. The Dragon Fly is our symbol on the bottle labels, as we put great value in preserving the environment. Ebina is only 40 minutes from Tokyo by the Odakyu Limited Express Romancecar train, and is abundant in natural landscapes, yet the area is bustling with activity, like you might find in an urban area. People move to Ebina because of its natural beauty, and seeing rice fields is always a happy sight for Japanese people, for whom rice is a staple food. Therefore, when we make sake, growing healthy rice is very important. We would love for you to visit Izumibashi Brewery and enjoy the Japanese rice culture.


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