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About Ellista Inc.

Ellista Inc. is a destination management company (DMC) focused on creating and promoting community-based tours in Japan with pioneers and specialists in the regions to invigorate economy of the area.

We commit to connect regions and the world by offering opportunities for travelers to interact with locals. The concepts of our tours are feeling and experiencing a quintessence of locals that has long been blossomed and remain in the region.

Unique experience, such as meeting delightful local persons, brilliant gourmet, attractive cultures and customs developed through their dairy life would make a trip in Japan more memorable.

We wish many of them become fans of the area. Also, we would like to propose journeys to find out undiscovered but fascinating destinations and contents in Japan.



Besides apple picking and flower viewing in the largest apple producer in Japan, we can arrange to touch a dairy life of locals by talking with apple farmers, tasting delicacies at a local house and participating worldwide famous Neputa Festival and Hirosaki Cheery Blossom Festival.


Enjoy cycling on the lakeshore of Biwako in refreshing and comfortable breeze, the largest lake in Japan. Fermented food products are also its traditional delicacies which attracts attention of health-conscious persons. 10 minutes by train from Kyoto!


Blessed with beautiful and abundant natural resources, various nature activities, such as canoeing, camping and cycling can be enjoyed. Shimanto River Sakura Marathon local marathon event is getting popular. It is one of the few events that you can run under the line of cherry blossoms.


Mie is a sacred home of Shintoism. Feel the origin of Japanese culture and traditions that has been developed with a belief in Shintoism. It is also a home of unique cultures, such as “ama” and “ninja”. Our tour offers to talk and swim with ama ladies in the beautiful Ago Bay.


Shinjuku is well-known not only as the heart of Tokyo but also a place for night entertainment with lots of unique pubs and night clubs. As a hub for suburbs, it is always lively and the most visited city in Japan.


5-15-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022, Japan

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