Shizuoka 7th March, 2018
Atami & Kawazu Sakura Festival
[Looking for an early spring with a Sakura Specialist]

The Kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms have become famous as some of the earliest-blooming cherry blossoms in Tokyo's outlying areas. (Typically, cherry trees bloom in Tokyo between late March and early April.) The outstanding characteristics of Kawazu-zakura are its large petals and the bright pink color, and there are 8,000 cherry trees in Kawazu. Travel with a Sakura Specialist and feel cultures and customs underlying cherry blossoms in Japan.

Sakura Specialist/Nana Ohkawa

I want to convey the beauty of daily life in Japan to all over the world, and I am telling "things" and "matters" with the theme of Sakura.
I am also engaged in the creation of products such as cosmetics with my own brand of "Nasakura(奈桜)", and working for regional creation with Sakura. I hope Sakura will make people around the world happy.

Sakura Specialist/Nana Ohkawa


11:00 a.m. JR Atami Station
Cherry blossom viewing in Atami
Head to Kawazu by train
1:30 p.m. Seafood BBQ at Imaihama(Lunch)
3:30 p.m. Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival & light-up event
7:00 p.m. Head to Atami by train
8:30 p.m. JR Atami Station

Meeting Place

Meeting time: 11:00p.m.
Ieyasu-no-yu at JR Atami Station
To detail

Available Dates(7th March, 2018.)


JPY 10,000/person with  Japan Rail Pass,
the  JR East Pass Tohoku area, 
the JR East Pass Nagano/Niigata area,
the JR Tokyo Wide Pass,
the JR East South Hokkaido Rail Pass.

JPY 11,500/person without any of above

Included in the price

English speaking Sakura Specialist
Seafood BBQ
Train Fare
Insurance and Tax

Number of Participants

Max. 10 persons / Min. 4 persons


・Smoking is not allowed in the train.
・If there are less than 4 persons (minimum participants required), the tour will be postponed or canceled.
・Drink during the dinner is not included.
・Tour organizers may use photographs taken during the tour for their advertising.
・The tour may subject to change in case of severe weather conditions.

Cancellation Policy

  • Please notify us by 72 hours prior to the tour time if you cancel your tour. You will be charged the cancellation fee based on the cancellation policy if you cancel the tour within 72 hours for any reason.


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